On a Side Note

On a side note, the belt that I did purchase is hands down the best tool belt that I have ever purchased. It is difficult to find a tool belt that both is incredibly comfortable AND lasts a long time. I have put mine through a lot of abuse (65+ hours a week) and other than the standard wear, it does not show any signs of failure. You guys have truly put together a valuable yet well price product for what you get. I have recommended it to everyone that I know is looking to be in the trades for a long time. My next belt I purchase (if it ever comes to it) will definitely be another one of yours. 

Just a little something you guys should brag about.
Joshua Gacek
J Gacek Carpentry & Design
Garson, Manitoba, CN

22 Years with his 5080

Dear Occidental,

I had sent my bags of 22 years in to be repaired, now mind you it took 22 years till they needed it! Not only did they take care in fixing them, they were beyond professional in all aspects of their customer service!!!!! I just wish more companies would follow their model. My friend is going to start his first year of apprenticeship as a union carpenter in seven weeks, and I'm gonna buy him the same set I have so he too can experience what great craftsmanship is and hopefully he to can have his for 20+ year!!!!     

James Allen
Carpenters local 174

Everything has a Place

Dear Occidental,

I don’t ever write companies about their products but I have to make an exception here. I have been a carpenter for 33 years and have never found the perfect tool belt. My last one was a craftsman professional, it was 15 years old and was wearing out. Most new tool belts out there don’t last three years so i have been patching up the old craftsman. Somewhere i saw an ad for your belts and was interested. i bought one and it was the best made i have ever seen. As i said before i never found the perfect belt, Im very fussy. I always have to customize them to my liking. I thought yours would be the same. Nope. I couldn’t bear to do anything to change it so I decided to use it as is for a while. Ive had it for three weeks and I slowly adapted to its features. It is PERFECT! everything has a place, I love the little pouch on the fastener bag, the fact that the pencils and stuff are on the inside, the leather hammer holder that will crush flat if i bump a cabinet or am climbing between roof rafters. So many things i like. Today while at a clients home doing a remodel, they were admiring the belt and the quality of the leather. They are folks with very rich taste and picked up on the quality right away. They don’t know how to read a tape but spotted the quality of your product. I actually enjoy that belt every day. This Belt will probably last me the rest of my career . I wish I found it 33 years ago.

Thank you for an amazing product.
- John

An Email for Occidental Leather

Dear Occidental,

I was appalled to pay the price I did for your tool bags. I swallowed hard and ordered them, hoping it would pay off. That was 15 years ago, and it has indeed paid off, many times over. I build and restore log cabins in Tennessee, and I figured I have strapped on this tool belt about 3500 times since I bought it, and it has never let me down. It's beginning to tear on each side of the main bag and so I'm ordering a new one, but no complaints, this bag has had a hard life and it has performed above and beyond my expectations. With any luck this new bag will see me through to retirement. Well done!

Dave In TN

Occidental Leather Repair


Please share this with your supervisor. l received my carpenter bags back today after sending them to you for repair. I was stunned at how nice of a job you and your craftsmen did for me and how quickly I received them back. I bought Occidental for the quality and, after owning mine for 26 years, will never wear another brand. In a world that seems to be going toward disposable items, Occidentals repair service makes it possible to keep the bags you love for a lifetime. You are a lesson in how great American companies do it!

My sincerest thanks.
Scott Herrling

Occidental Leather Pro-Framer Tool Belt

Since 1980 Occidental Leather has been the industry leader in hand crafting top quality tool belts. Using the only the best, extra thick, water-repellent leathers available to hand craft these tool belts, Occidental is often referred to as the Cadillac of the tool belt industry. Occidental Leather prides themselves on their ability to combine 19th century craftsmanship with the 21st century manufacturing techniques, which results in the highest of quality tool holders and bags.


By Scott Arnold on Tool Reviews

Occidental Leather Adjust-to-Fit™ Industrial Pro Electrician

"...After picking up the 9596 for myself a couple months ago, my co-worker made a move on the 5590 last week.

Your belts vastly improve our working rhythm as electricians.

Thanks for the great stuff! From two apprentices in Edmonton."

from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



Thank you to Patrick from Boston for this great testimonial.
- Occidental

Patrick's Setup:

9855 - Adjust-to-Fit™ Fat Lip™ Tool Bag Set - Color: Cafe
5055 - Stronghold® Suspension System

"Hello Occidental Leather,

I just recently received a set of my first 9550 Adjust-to Fit Pro Framers and I am pleased to say that I absolutely love them. My dad has been a carpenter for almost 30 years now and he built our first house with a pair of Occidental tool bags. I am 20 years old and have been in the construction industry for about 2 years now pursuing to be a master carpenter like my father. I have already tried various kinds of tool belts and none of them can even compare to the quality craftsmanship, efficiency, and effectiveness of your tool belt system. It makes my job a lot easier, safer, and a whole lot more enjoyable. I don't ever see myself using any other kind of tool bags besides Occidental Leather for the rest of my career. Thank you for your all around excellent service! To be honest, I would probably pay a lot more money than just a couple hundred bucks for a set of Occidental tool bags. I hate to say that but it's true...

Thank you for making them somewhat affordable and available for different trades.

Keep up the good work!"

- Cooper


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my first Occidental Leather purchase.

Being located in Germany, the easiest way for me to get it was via amazon, as they offer your product on their German site with taxes/customs fees already paid.

Used it today for the first time while putting some lighting in my garden shed and it was super useful - hold my large bit driver; Jokari cable knife and insulated screwdriver in the Oxy Tool Shield compartment, my Estwing hammer, Leatherman Super Tool 300 and Stryker carpenters pencil. I never want to be without it again - most used tools all handy in one place + it looks absolutely amazing next to my Randall knife. ;) (You see, I love US made products… :) ) The size of the 5-1 tool holder is simply perfect, after a little time you don’t even notice it anymore, tools fit perfectly and don’t fall out while moving or kneeling. The Tool Shield is great because it has a round slot that is large enough for an insulated screwdriver and the large compartment will fit most, if not all types of bladed tools - including my Jokari knife, which I’m very happy about because it has a very special shape and doesn’t fit most regular (if any) sheaths.

Think I’m going to replace my Stanley nail pouch with an Occidental Leather product next.

Well, thanks for making an exceptional product - I love it! …

Best regards and wishing you all at Occidental Leather a great start into the new week,"

from Germany

"I've been in the trades for 20 years and running a remodeling business for the past 10 years. I recently had 2 major back surgeries in the past 2 years and finding your belt-free Oxy-pro vest has allowed me to finally wear a tool belt again after years & years of shoving stuff in my pockets. Normal tool belts put too much stress on my lower back and hips resulting in me never being able to use one for a long time. My business partner, foreman and best friend have all bought Oxy-pro vests as well.

Thank you so much for giving me a second shot at wearing a belt again!"

from Boston, MA

"I have been a carpenter/millwright for 17yrs and bought my first Oxy tool bags when I started my apprenticeship (Pro Framers). I can honestly say that I have put them through hell and back! From hanging dry wall, to metal stud framing, and even tearing down and rigging a 300k lb steam turbine, my bags have seen it all!

I had to grit my teeth and accept that my bags had seen better days, and spring for a new set, another set of pro framers. It was like losing an old friend lol. Happily, my step son took my old bags to a saddle maker and had them repaired and is now using them as he he starting in the trade! Just wanted to say thanks for a great product, and for helping to outfit 2 generations of carpenters in my family!

Loyally yours,"

from North Bergen, NJ

"Hello. A couple of years ago I bought a lefty finisher oxylight from you folks. Since then it's been used and abused at least 5 days a week, and has served me very well. In fact, it's the best tool I've ever purchased. The balance and comfort of the keeps it from ever feeling heavy, and the function has turned it into an extremely valuable extension of my body. I can do my job better and faster because of it, and I'm not tired as a result of wearing it. Anyway, thanks to you for making a phenomenal product, especially in our world of throwaway one-and-done junk. And thanks for making it in the US.

Take care and happy holidays."

from Louisville, KY

"I am proud to say that I've been wearing a set of adjust to fit Oxylight framers with a stronghold suspension system for 10 years now and have never been happier with anything else. I was sad that I had to replace the Stronghold suspension system this year but I know it'll be worth every dime! You guys make the best stuff and I want to say keep up the great work!"

from Cozad, NE

"Dear everyone at Occidental Leather,

I have been in the trades for many years and have always coveted a beautiful Occidental tool belt system. Well I am happy to say that as of today, 11/21/13, I no longer have to dream of the possibility. After dropping my daughter off at school this morning, and checking on a few job sites of course, I received notification from Fedex that my new friend had arrived at the local distribution center and had been loaded for delivery. At this point, of course, I decided it was time to head to back to my workshop to make sure I was there to receive my long awaited delivery ( by long awaited, I mean the 17 years I’ve waited to take the plunge to purchase not the overnight shipping I opted for) of which I had been closely monitoring since I placed the order 24 hours prior.

I arrived at my workshop around 10 am, made a cup of coffee and attempted to start work on a cut list in between looking out the window and down the drive every 5-8 minutes or less. I opened my laptop again and it said delivery by 4:30. At this point I told myself to be a rational grown man, "forget about the delivery for now Rich and get some work done, your three year old shows more restraint on Christmas morning.”

leather toolbelt 5530 - Stronghold® Big Oxy™

At this point it seemed sensible to make another cup of coffee, which was definitely not needed, which I figured would steer me back towards the table saw with concentration. Luckily, my phone rang and a pleased customer took my mind off the delivery for a short stint. I hung up the phone, hit the switch on my saw and just as I was about to run a new sheet of maple ply against the fence I saw a quick streak of light pass over the back of my shop. I’d seen this before. This was the reflection of someone coming up the driveway. Could it be?? I hit the switch turned around and YES, there it was; a big white FedEx truck! I’ve never been so happy to see a delivery truck in my entire life. I ran outside and there was Gary, our local FedEx gent looking really puzzled as to why I was running his way and probably looking like I wanted to hug him (on a side note, I’m about 6’6 and not skinny. It must have been quite a site to see me lumbering quickly at him covered in saw dust with goggles and a respirator on). I relieved Gary of the box, signed my name, shook his hand and ran away shouting THANK YOU!

I am happy to say that at 11:47 am today I welcomed home my long awaited friend and new partner on the job; today I received my new Stronghold Big Oxy Tool Belt and it is WONDERFUL!!!! I had my Oxy loaded and working with me in about 10 minutes. I look forward to a productive friendship that will last many, many, many years!

Thank you to everyone at Occidental for making a beautiful, handcrafted, rugged, functional piece of art which is made here in the U.S.A that has already made my life on the job easier and my day better. Now I just have to tell my wife, lol.

Rich S
from Woodstock, NY

"This is Robert from Palo Alto again. I want to thank everyone at Occidental Leather for the kick I got seeing my letter on your customer testimonial web page! Thanks for the coffee mug, tee shirt, pencils and notepads cause I was like a kid at Christmas when I got it - just ask my wife! (pic. 1) I also want to say to all of you that when we started hanging interior doors and cabinets at my current project and it became belts off time I had a really hard time taking off my new "Fat Lip" tool belt cause I love it sooooo much!

Now for years I've used my old hunting vest at this point to hold tools - but not any more since I just got myself the Occidental 2535 Builders Vest and I can't wait for work tomorrow! (pic. 2) Thank God for a product like yours made in the USA!
Thanks again everybody!

from Palo Alto, CA



"My name is Robert ... and I want to tell ALL you people at Occidental Leather Inc. "Thank God for a product like yours made in the USA. I LOVE my "Fat Lip" tool belt sooooo much I have a smile on my face every time I put it on! I just got the "Light" cordura chest harness for when I really load my belt - ha ha - which is EVERYDAY! I turn 50 this September and I have no doubt I'm gonna be buried in this belt - It's that tough! How can I get an Occidental Leather T-shirt? Thank You,

from Palo Alto, CA

leather toolbelt 5080DB - Pro Framer Package

"Dear Occidental Leather,

I am a professional Home Improvement Contactor who does everything from small jobs, to major additions and renovations. Therefore, finding a suitable setup was almost impossible. I wanted just ONE......not several depending on the work of the day. Then I found Occidental Leather.

Although I was always a Carpenter in one way or another, I also am a degreed Accountant who spent 17 years as a Plant Controller, and was considered an expert in my field regarding efficiency, plant operations, and start ups. But I left the Corporate world and went back full time, to the type of work that paid my tuition 20 years earlier, and could not be happier. I mention this only because I want to point out that I am more than fit to judge good design, efficient setup, and high quality craftsmanship.

First of all, I want to thank you and the craftsmen who made my Framer rig. I have tried ALL other belts: apron style, 4 tiered bags, 2 tiered bags, and accessory holders. Each style had it’s drawback. I cannot wear the apron style because it restricts movement, the single bags simply have plain pockets, and tools fall out. But mainly....they just don't hold up well.

Last year, I finally spent the money for an Occidental classic framer setup. I looked at it on the website for more than six months trying to justify the expenditure. Then it hit me.....I already spent more buying other bags that didn't serve the purpose or hold up!!! So I ordered it.

Right away, you can see the craftsmanship of the pouches. Of course, the bags were stiff, especially the tape measure pocket, but after a couple of months of use.......they broke in beautifully. The rig is also VERY well designed. I know where all my tools are intuitively, and never take my eyes of my work. I also have the Ranger style belt, and hammer holder.

They are not too big, or too small.....they are EXACTLY right. The belt is wide around the pouches for great support, yet narrow in the front so it does not dig into you, and there is no need to fumble with the double prongs. Having a separate slot for a speed square is awesome! Having a place for a Combination Square.......is a real treat! And the tape measure holder is exactly where it should be. No other bags have this design. These really were designed, by, and for, professionals.

One final point I would like to make is that the design of your product, has increased my efficiency, and effectiveness. In the morning, no matter what the carpentry project of the day....I simply grab my Occidental setup.....and get to work. Everything I need is in there......no trips to the toolbox. And because of the great design......although the bags feel heavy.....they seem to lighten up once you put it on. The design and weight placement is superb.

I purchased another for a helper who turned 40. He was elated.! I think he spent the first hour just admiring it! He even purchased a separate duffle bag to keep it in, and has a “special” place for it in the truck!

After 1 year of use......they still seem “new”. The have softened up just right, yet, they still have their great shape. The quality of the leather is exceptional.......and I can honestly say, although I tried ALL others......I consider my Occidental Leather........the First “real” setup I have ever had. It will also be my last. Someday, if it ever wears out, I will purchase another. Congratulations Occidental Leather......and please extend my thanks to everyone from administration, to manufacturing, R&D, and the craftsmen on the factory floor. "

Richard Q.
North Carolina

This is the style of bag that became the foundation of Occidental Leather in the mid 70s. Recently, Rob from Vicotria BC sent his original #5000 buscadero one piece set in for repair. Here are the before and after images images of this 27 year old set.

Click Image to View
Rob's Original Bags
Click Image to View
Rob's Repaired Bags

"... I also attached pics of my occidental pouches just to show you that I appreciate your product greatly and that they are well used daily :)."

Victoria, BC Canada

Click to View James's Bags

or see new 5060 and 5018DB

"I just received my first Occidental Leather Bag I ordered from Ace Tool and all I can say is WOW!!!!! I cannot wait for work tomorrow. The 5080DB. The quality is unbelievable. I look forward to wearing the quality that you and you team design and build. I wish that more outlets were available here in Florida so that others could see, touch and feel the quality that you guys put out. Without going through a day of work yet, I can tell that you will have a customer for life.

On a side note, my wife told me to take the belt off while I was grilling supper. I told her I was just trying to break them in first.

Thank you again!!!"

Craftsman Custom Builders

leather toolbelt

5080DB - Pro Framer Package

"I would like to say that I love the products you make. I own and use most of your products. They never let me down. I have also told many of my friends about how amazing your products are.

Your loyal customer,

from Babylon, NY


5018 style tool bag shown Example of "Beyond Repair".

We received this bag for "lifetime" repair. Please note, this very hard working fellow sent in his "Best Friend" hoping we could repair it. However, this bag is beyond repair. Structurally, we have to have a body to repair to, in this case, this fellow has stretched the life of his tool bag to the max and it is time for new bags.

We can repair corners that leak nails, holders that tear, and replace upper and outer bags, tunnel loops and tape pockets but when the area we need to secure to is also gone then your bags have served you well and should be retired to your "wall of fame".

Beyond Repair
5018 5018back
Click on image for larger view

These "old friends" belong to a carpenter who is currently still using them!

Please note: the bags have been repaired once before. As tried and true as these old friends are, it is time to consider setting aside the money for a new set!

Thank you Mike from MN for choosing handcrafted American Made from all of us!

Mike's Bags

Click on image for larger view

"My name is Thomas O. I am a renovation specialist from framing to finish carpentry . In 1998 I purchased one of your green belt systems, and it has lasted 13 yrs of abuse!! I find that to be amazing. As I watch other carpenters around me buy belt after belt mine stayed strong.

Today I just ordered another green bag setup which wasn't cheap, but I never hesitated as the original rigup I had was amazing. I just felt a positive e-mail was in order because these days its hard to find any quality tools or bag rigs meant to last for the real pro's out there. I just wanted to thank you for offering a well made product MADE IN THE USA!!!! That I am proud to wear.

Thomas O.
from Calhoun, LA

Rescue Renovation Crew
Kayleen McCabe and the DIY Rescue Renovation Crew.

Thank you for choosing handcrafted American Made Occidental!

"I wanted to thank you so much for your support with our grand reopening. It was a huge success. My brother finally listened to me about your products and purchased a tool belt (8585) with the hip buddies (9008) and suspenders (5055).

He doesn’t know how he could have gone this long without realizing the comfort and most of all the back support of your products. Not to mention they look cool. Here is the funny part. My brother’s partner was with him while he was looking at your products. He was doing the “How much does that cost?” and the “You don’t need that.” routine.

I told my brother as I would tell any customer that I would buy back any part of his purchase that he didn’t like. To date I have not had an unsatisfied customer. My brother has informed me that he has had his partner ask to try on his bags because he was tired of listening to him brag about how comfortable they were. If this was a religious thing I would have to say we have a new convert!

You guys make it so easy for us to sell your products.

Thanks so much!

Ed Cox
The Mill Yard

Arcata, CA

"Woooowwww. I got the brief case yesterday. Absolutely unbelievable. I mean it. Before construction I worked as a financial advisor. Those guys tote gucci, louis vuitton, ferragamo bags daily. I mean this though...this occidental is much nicer. You really should be dealing this from saks or neiman marcus. It is that nice. It is made heftier and nicer than any of the luxury brands. I really mean it. You really need to take this design to womens purses. You guys rocked it out with this bag. I feel it took oxy to a whole new level. Great job and thank you so much for it. Keep me posted on the new stuff. Thanks again.

from OH

"Just received my B9588 bags and they are beyond my expectations. Top notch quality and craftmanship. Looking forward to many years of service. Thanks for making such a fine product.

You guys are the greatest. Fantastic American made products and outstanding customer service. I can’t say enough. Oh, and by the way, I’ve been wearing the new tool belt (B9588) for two weeks now and it is by far the best belt I’ve ever worn. Capacity, organization and comfort. It’s a real pleasure to wear. Thanks again for the care package and for making such fine products. I’m definitely an Oxy customer for life.

Take care,

from PA

"Subject: ToolTote


I just received two #5585 totes from Standard Lumber.
They're Great!!!!!
Keep up the good work.

Burnaby, B.C. Canada

"The bags arrived this afternoon: they are superb in every respect. Occidental continues to raise its game while everyone else cuts corners, both on the pure manufacturing front, and through this lamentable, ever-growing trend toward globalised outsourcing. The Machinist's Tool Bag has improved in nearly every measure. The bag is slightly bigger, much easier to access, with its new Gladstone-like full opening, and it is beautifully made according to your peerless tradition.

The Canvas Sport Bag is not only gorgeous to behold and wonderful to carry, but perfectly conceived and built with great integrity. The thing is a marvel of good taste and elegant style, fit for a lady of great distinction to lug around everywhere she goes, as my own personal dame will start doing first thing in the morning. My wife went mad over these two bags; I'll never be able to touch them, much less press them into proper work service, without risking grave personal injury. In a phrase, Occidental Leather is the best outfit of its kind anywhere in the world!

Jack, New Mexico"

"Thank you so much for making superior products. The Cafe fat lip "Holy EXPLETIVE!" Dr. Wood...I can't even explain it.

It is truly a work of art. It is gorgeous. You guys deifinitely hit a grand slam with this. It shows your passion for what you do. All other storage containers are envious. hahaha.


Mike, Ohio "

3000 dr wood
3000 - Dr. Wood™ Tool Case

"Hello there,
First, let me say thank you for making the finest tool belt ever made. I have had my Pro Framer for about 17 years. I've sent it in twice for service, both times for minor replacements (a hammer loop, pencil holder and belt loops). And both times it came back clean, repaired and fast. Again, thank you.

Sadly, after 17 years at 50 weeks a year, 40 hours a week and a rough total of 34,000 hours of service, it's time to retire my bags.

Gavin, Maryland "

leather toolbelt

5080DB - Pro Framer Package

"This is by far the best workmanship I've seen in any product. I'm very particular about my tools, and your product's quality is at the level of other great American made products such as Starrett and Lie Nielsen tools. Thank you for making such a great product!

George in Maine "

"Hi, I just got my 9850lh and I'm in love with it. I just became a lifetime customer.

Michael, Pennsylvania

"To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Jeff Kieninger, and I am an occidental leather customer. I have sent with this letter a set of tool bags to be repaired and wanted to take this opportunity to share some of my thoughts on your product.

I have been a carpenter, both residential and commercial, for 15 years. About 8 years ago a former employer of mine talked me into buying this set of occidental bags and I was a little skeptical as to whether or not they would last any longer than other bags I'd owned. I have used these bags 5, 6, sometimes 7 days a week since they were purchased. They have seen weather ranging from 100 degrees to 0, rain, snow, and many other harsh elements. I have to say without a doubt that they have been the best tool purchase I've ever made. About two years ago when the top of the belt loop started to tare I retired them onto a shelf in the garage. Because of a new baby, and the economy I wasn't able to replace them with a new pair of occidentals, so I bought a cheaper brand that appeared to be of pretty good quality. Needless to say after wearing them out, and another pair after them in less than a year, I pulled these bags out of retirement and started using them again. I hope they can be repaired, because they are the most important tool I own.

I hope you will share this letter with your employees, because as a customer who uses your product every day and especially at a time when made in the U.S.A. doesn't mean what it use to. I can't express enough how nice it is to find a product that it is so clear how much pride and craftsmanship went into it's construction. Your should all be very proud of your products and the great reputation they have made for themselves.

Thank You
Jeff Kieninger, Customer for life

Occidental Leather Note: Jeff's bags were not beyond repair and per our lifetime repair policy for All-Leather bags we gave his old friends a "face lift", and replaced the hangers so they'll serve Jeff another 8 years ... or more. (see image on right) - 11/06/2009

leather toolbelt

5080DB - Pro Framer Package


"I want to thank you so much for getting back to me.... My husband isn't one to use the computer but, the few times he does is to look at occidental to see what's new. he can sit for hours just comparing one pouch system to another.

He has been responsible for at least 10 other friends in norway purchasing pouch or vest systems. One young man, an apprentice carpenter, bought my husbands 10 year old pouch and it was almost like new. had a tiny little hole from getting snagged on a nail. another man that bought a vest had just come back to work after severing 3 fingers off his hand and sewing them back on. The occidental pouch system makes it possible for him to continue working a normal work day. It is an unbelievable product line and one that is well worth the investment. the one vice my husband has that i fully support.

Rykene, Norway

"Feel free to publish!!! I know my husband just gets a glow in his eye when he looks at your website or catalogue ....you'd think it was a copy of playboy! ...

I have a special place in my heart for you and occidental. Your product makes my husbands job easier, which keeps him healthier and happier. With his the only income in the family....it's makes all the difference in the world. Anyone that thinks an occidental belt or vest system is expensive, has never tried it. It is well worth the investment. My husband is worth it and our family is worth it. When he's happy and healthy...we are too!"

Rykene, Norway

One of our online dealers recently received the following e-mail from a happy customer:

"Dear Sir,

I received the Occidental 7 bag framer tool belt that I ordered from you today. Its the most awesome toolbelt I have ever seen. Now I can carry all the gear I need at work and the smell of the new leather is fantastic.

I would also like to thank you for all the tool catalogues, brochures and the T- shirt that fits me perfectly. The tool supply companies here in Australia could learn a lot from you guys. Please feel free to pass my thanks on to Occidental also I wish there were companies down under that paid such attention to the needs of Aussie tradesmen. Keep up the great work.

Yours sincerely,

Matthew J Deane"

leather toolbelt

5089 - Seven Bag Pro Framer

Dear Occidental,

For the past 20 years that I have been in the construction business I have bought and used those 'disposable' tool bags that never seem to work quite right. Not only do they start to fall apart at the first sign of a tough job site, but they are always uncomfortable, under-built, under-sized and always dropping tools out every time I kneel down or climb a ladder. But all that is about to change now that I have just purchased the last set of tool bags that I will ever want or need, the Occidental 5089 seven bag pro framer.

Just that 'new bag smell' is enough to make someone realize that this is no ordinary tool bag. But the real moment of truth is when you put them on for the first time. You guys should put a warning label on the belt that states that once you put the tool bags on you might never want to take it off because they are so comfortable. Seriously though, when I did put it on ,right after the UPS man left, I didn't want to take them off for anything. Not even for dinner. The only way I can think of to describe them is, buttery smooth comfort and rock solid craftsmanship together for the first time in a real nice set of bags.

Thanks for taking pride in your work and making it possible for us carpenters to look good while we do the same.

Sean M. Titmas

"Subject: testimonial

Dear Occidental,

I've been a carpenter for 21 years. After going through a set of ordinary "tool bags" about once a year I decided to make an investment in my tools and buy Occidental. Now in hindsight it was the best investment I've ever made in tools. I purchased a set in 1987, left and right bags, a belt, and a cordless holster, for approximately $150 (the price hasn't gone up much in 18 years) that was allot of money for an apprentice carpenter 18 years ago.

After breaking them in, they were the most comfortable set of tool bags I've ever worn. That's important when you wear them 8 to 12 hours a day. I reasoned that, to take them away from me you would have to pry them from my cold dead hands. I've just now decided to retire them and buy a new set. The bottoms are wearing out where my jeans rub against them. Pretty great for 18 years of use and abuse. that works out to only $8.33 a year, and I get to wear the Caddilac of tool belts. I'm quite sure this next set will probably outlive me. Please send My thanks out to all the occidental employees for a job well done."

Andrew Brasile


I've been using an oxy light belt for over a year now and it is just getting broken in. I'm totally satisfied with your product and would like to let others that I work with know who makes the best tool bags around. Thanks so much for a great product."

Tom Sipsey

"Hello Occidental Leather,

I bought my bags in '96, and I love them.  They've been all over this country, Australia and New Zealand as well.  I worked in Antarctica for 1 1/2 years, and the US Antarctic Program supplied Occidental bags.

A note of interest for you - New Zealand has been having a building boom as well, but they are a bit fussy and old fashioned in some ways.  They gawked and laughed at my bags, as well as my 28 ounce framing hammer.  They still use very small aprons, and the laughter ended when I chided them for wearing their auntie's sewing aprons.  The envy started when they realized things like hammers and fastenings don't fall out, there is a place for a speed square (which was also a novelty), and I didn't have to leave the roof every time I needed some odd tool - It was always in my bags.  NZ has had to import many of its builders - 8% of all carpenters are from other countries on work permits to support the boom.  With those foreign workers, they are seeing all kinds of new gadgets.  I'm proud to be wearing your bags, laughter aside, as they are still the best out there.

Thank you,"

Carey Martin

"Subject: Re: Great Job!

First I want to tell you what great products you make. I have been wearing them for over 20 years and my original belt is still going strong in the shop.  I bought one of your 8095 beltless systems as soon as it hit the market.....what can I say .....I love quality.  this belt has been my main belt and served me well in all kinds of weather.  The problem has nothing to do with your workmanship or the quality of the materials....both are outstanding! Keep up the great work.  As bonuses for my guys I buy them whatever one of your belts they want.  It is money well spent.  Thank you.

Years ago I was given a set of your Journeyman bags by my partner I worked with for nearly thirty years.  They knew how much I loved your gear and it was one of the best presents I ever received.  I couldn't wait to try out the new set even though my old set was still going strong.  The first time I put the belt on I was loading it up with my tools when I put a razor sharp chisel in the pouch and neatly sliced through the back of the pouch.  Since than I use copper sheathing to line my chisel pocket, but I put this bag on the shelf and bought a new one.  I always vowed to repair this bag because of what it means to me coming from my friend. 

I recently lost my friend and partner and it left a void in my life that will never be filled.  I came across the bag that my friend gave me recently and I remembered the day he gave it to me and the happiness it gave me to know this man and the many things we shared.  We both shared a love of your products.  Many lunches were spent teasing the other on whose bags were heavier.  He always teased me about the care I gave mine and the abuse he gave his and how they held up the same.  I know I am rambling and I apologize.  I say this to emphasize the connection and joy that your products can give people.  I may get these bags repaired and if I do can you sew up the slice.  But I may keep it the way it is and remember the ribbing Tom gave me the day I did it.  If you have read this far I thank you.  It is important that you know you sell more than products, you sell memories.

Thank you."

Jack Fletcher

"Hi my names Ben, i purchased a  stronghold beltless system, about a year ago. I wish there were words to describe but "Ideal" comes to mind. I'm an electrician and they do absolutely everything i need them to do, with style and comfort. my framing Occidentals are 11 years old and i want my belt less to last even longer because i use it exclusively now.

Thanks for further reminding me that its hard to find good people these days. I glad for in these times, quality people are still putting out a quality product, wish there were more of us out there:) I am originally from Idaho and my leathers (they had a couple summers on them when i got them used when i was a trim carpenter so they really ha vent seen the HEAT, They are older framer bags and when i became an electrician a few years ago they didn't have enough pockets for all the specific tools we use, and they were heavier than nylon which made it even worse with all the stuff. 

For the most part i think the beltless rig will go farther than even you guys expect it to, i get compliments on it all the time.  Every older contractor i know (that's smart anyway, for the back situation) wears suspenders and  they all want one:) Once again keep up the good work and i will defiantly continue to use your products.

Keep up the 'Great work'"

Ben Echeverria

"My name is Dennis Horton, and I talked to you a couple of weeks ago about a Stronghold Suspension System and my back problems. After a simple installation process, the new system works great! It is simply the most comfortable system I have used. I really appreciate your help with this problem.

Thank you so much."

Dennis Horton

"Hello Occidental,

Went toy shopping today and picked up a Pro Framer bag set and suspension system. I've had 4 decades in the trades and only two hours of that in your gear but I can't tell you how many body parts are already shouting 'thanks'.

Absolutely outstanding gear.

Thank you & Best regards;"

Will Ryan

"The belt I have is the pro carpenter with fixed bags. The company I bought it from called me and informed me that there is a kit to rivet the suspends to the belt. They send me one today in fact. But I wanted to tell you again the this belt and the suspenders are without a doubt the nicest I have ever owned or seen! I understand about the leather loops as well. One of the important detail on my belt was the loop that keeps the front of the front of the belt from sagging. Good job! I really appreciate your attention to detail! It's an excellent system! Beautiful! Thanks very much for your E-mail."

Tim Turner

"Just a note to let you know what fine quality bags and belts you are making.  I have been in the construction industry for 20+ years, replacing my bags/pouches every couple of years.  A year ago I purchased your pro trimmer set and they are hardly broke in!  I also just purchased the 5055 suspenders last week.  It is a pleasure working with your products."

Les Halonen

"To whom it may concern:

First of all, many thanks to your company for existing!  All-leather, U.S.-made tool pouches are a real dream come true!


M. Brown


"Subject: telecom pouch

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the quality and functionality of your telecom pouch. It is truly the "Rolls - Royce" of tool pouches, no other tool pouch or belt compares!

Thank you,"

Mike M.

"Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with my Pro Carpenter Tool Belt. I am a general contractor doing renovations, so the type of work I do changes daily, from finishing to framing.

I've been using it for approx. 6 months now and absolutely love it!!!! When I first started wearing the belt, I was very unsure, it was a totally different design, not something I was used to. The leather was stiff (top quality, heavy duty material), and uncooperative. I persevered, and every day the belt became more comfortable!!!! I will never go back to a standard belt design, and will highly recommend your belts to all I know.

Thank you,"

Brent Arnholtz

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