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Where and How to Buy

How do I find a local dealer? We will be happy to refer you to a local supplier by either of the following methods:
  1. Please visit the Find A Dealer section of our site.
  2. Please call customer care at (707) 824-2560 and ask for assistance.

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What if there are no dealers in my area?

If there are no suppliers in your area then we invite you to:
  1. Call our customer care line at (707) 824-2560 for assistance.
  2. Provide us with the name and phone number of the supplier with whom you currently do business. It may be possible to arrange to have the products you desire shipped to them.
  3. Visit our Where To Buy page, there are many quality dealers who sell online.

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There is a local dealer here but they don't stock what I want, how can I get what I need?

Although no single supplier carries everything we manufacture, they may be able to special order it for you.

If you need any further assistance, please call customer care at (707) 824-2560 and we will be happy to help facilitate your order process with the supplier of your choice.

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Can I substitute items on your belt packages?

Our belt packages consist of the most commonly used belts, bags and accessories for a specific application such as framing or trim work. We do not offer substitutions in our belt system packages.

We realize that many individuals may prefer to build their own "sets" or "systems" from our broad selection of individual components. If you wish to purchase a tool system package and want a different style hammer holder, bag, belt, etc., then you will have to order the additional item separately.

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Can I buy individual items?

Yes. All of our products are available for individual purchase. Please contact your local dealer.

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Do you sell seconds or re-conditioned bags?

No. Occidental does not sell seconds or re-conditioned bags. All of our re-conditioned bags and the rare "seconds" are donated to charities.

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I'm interested in a certain bag set. Can you quote me a price for it?

We do not quote pricing. Any pricing information must be obtained from the local supplier with whom you do business.

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Product Questions

How do I figure out my belt size?

How to Size Your Occidental Leather™ Tool Belt

To size your tool belt, place your existing tool belt on an even surface and measure it from the end of the buckle to the most commonly used hole. Select the belt size (by mid range) that is closest to your measurement.

Size your Belt

If you do not have a current tool belt to measure, you can get an approximate mid range measurement by adding 4" to your pant waist size.

Size Mid Range Over All Length
Small 34" 41.5"
Medium 37" 44"
Large 41" 48"
X-Large 45" 52"
XX-Large 49" 56"
XXX-Large 53" 61.5"

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How do I attach the 1546, 5055 or the 5009 suspenders to a tool belt?

These suspender systems include 4 leather loops equipped with D rings as part of the initial purchase.

To attach the suspenders to your belt, slide the loops onto your belt, with the D rings facing up. Then clip the suspenders to the D rings with the open end of the clip facing away from your body.

Kits for Additional Belts or Single Piece Systems

You can purchase the 5009K to attach your suspenders to additional belts or our one piece Assembly (5191).

Included in this package are directions and hardware (copper rivets, "D" rings, clips, and leather straps).

Method 1: The leather straps may be made into 3" loops that slide onto your tool belt. The "D" ring will be on top so that you can clip on your suspenders.

Method 2: The clip and "D" hardware may be permanently attached to your existing tool belt using the copper rivets.

You May choose either method to suit your needs.

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I want to modify my current leather 5009 suspenders so they are just like your Stronghold® suspenders. Can I just buy the padded Cordura® yoke?

Yes. We have the yoke available for sale separately as part number 5055P. Please contact your local dealer for pricing and availability.

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Do you make custom bags?

No. At one time Occidental did provide custom work. It has been many years since we offered this service. We strive to meet the broadest range of work habits nationally by offering a wide selection of belts, bags and accessories. Please keep in mind that we offer lifetime repairs on our all leather products.

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What do you mean by "Hand Specific" design?

Hand specific means the placement of holders based on which hand most often accesses that tool or fastener. Our standard designs and designations are based on the right-handed carpenter.

The tool bag holds the tools most often accessed with the right hand (hammer, pencils, retractable knife, etc.) and is worn of the right side of the body.

The fastener bag holds the tools and fasteners most often used with the left hand (nail sets, driver bits, angle square, etc.) and is worn of the left side of the body.

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I'm left-handed and nothing seems to work for me. Can you help?

Yes. We provide many of our most popular styles (at no extra charge) in a left handed, "mirror image" pattern. The tool bag is then worn on the left side of the body. The fastener bag is worn on the right side.

Separate product codes are listed for the left-hand models available. These codes use the suffix " LH ". EXAMPLE: 5089LH

Visit our left handed products pages.

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What's the difference between your Cordura® and all leather bags? Which wears better?

The basic differences are in weight, comfort, feel, and overall performance. Our leather and the industrial grade Cordura® we use will wear roughly the same, depending on work habits.

Cordura® does has an advantage in its lighter weight. Yet, no fabric, regardless of how tough it is will ever perform like leather. Leather forms not only to your body and tools, it "remembers" your work habits and becomes a part of how you move and work. Leather tool systems wear in (not out) and become more comfortable and functional over time. Also lets face it, nothing feels like leather.

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What products are recommend to condition leather bags?

All our leather is custom tanned to meet the demands of heavy, outdoor use, and requires little maintenance.

For occasional cleaning purposes (about once a year), we recommend using a leather cleaner, saddle soap, or warm soap and water. You should follow this with a light application of a non-oil based leather conditioner or a light coating of petroleum jelly. (Some oils and oil based conditioners may decompose threads and shorten the life of the leather)

Remember to always wash mud, concrete, etc. from leather surfaces with a damp cloth before it drys and draws out the natural oils in the leather.

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I have to do full service carpentry from framing to trim. What models work the best for all types of applications?

The models that work best for the multi-functioning carpenter are the 5080DB Pro Framer™ or the 8080DB Pro Framer™. Both models have "hand specific" tool holder placement for the most commonly used tools including the angle square. These double bag models work well for heavy framing and applications that require multiple screws and fasteners.

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What are the main differences between your Trimmer bags and your Framer bags?

The main differences between our Trimmer series and our Framer series are: the Trimmer series has a slimmer bag design, a different tool configuration, and the addition of a safety release tool snap on the 6102 Pro Trimmer Tool Bag. The main bags in the Trimmer series are about 2.5" narrower and, due to size limitations, we can not provide a angle square holder.

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Company Questions

You used to sell directly to the public. Why don't you anymore? Occidental does not sell directly to the public. We sell our products to lumber and hardware stores nationally. These stores incur overhead costs to stock Occidental and provide service to you. We respect and honor the integrity of our suppliers.

We welcome your questions regarding our products and will be happy to facilitate a sale with a supplier of your choice.

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Can I purchase spare parts from you?

No. Occidental does not sell raw materials or parts.

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What is your warranty?

Warranty Policy: Our products are guaranteed for a period of two full years against defects in craftsmanship or materials. What is not covered is normal wear and tear. Also, we cannot cover damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect, or alterations and repairs performed by anyone other than Occidental Leather.

We do offer a lifetime repair (stitch & rivet) service on all of our leather products as a service to our customers. Call customer care for details.

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How do I obtain warranty service?

If you have questions regarding our warranty service please call, fax or e-mail our customer care department at (707) 824-2560, fax at 707 824-2570, or

You can also visit our Warranty and Repair page.

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How do I get my bags repaired?

If you wish to send your leather bags for repair, you will need an authorization number prior to shipment to the factory. For further details and, to make arrangements, please call customer care at (707) 824-2560. We offer lifetime repairs on our all leather products. See our Warranty and Repair page.

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How can I submit ideas regarding new designs and / or suggested modifications?

If you have ideas or suggestions regarding new designs and /or modifications to current designs we encourage you to submit them in writing to our Research & Development Department via, fax at 707 824-2570 or

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Are your products made in the USA?

YES. Many people are not aware that Occidental is a stickler for detail and that we insist on American made raw materials (leather, threads, rivets, etc.) and labor. Our only manufacturing facility and our R & D Studio are currently located in Sonoma County, CA.


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