No Slap Hammer Holder


  • Long sleeve design
  • Accommodates hammer tackers and flat bars
  • Accepts up to a 3″ wide belt

All leather hammer/tool holder with a long sleeve design to prevent tools and handles from swinging and “knee-capping”.  Also accommodates hammer tackers and flat bars up to 1 ⅝” diameter.

Accepts up to a 3″ wide belt.

Made in USA!

1 review for No Slap Hammer Holder

  1. Jason Kennedy

    Nice little holster, but this is pictured with a 30’ tape, there is no way a 30’ tape fits in this thing, I can’t get my 16’ In there

    • Marc

      Hi Jason,
      I think you meant to place this review on another product. Regardless, breaking in a tape requires a bit of time and effort, but the result is a holder which fits your tape like a glove.

      To break in a tape to our tape holder, time is your best friend. To speed up the process, try this:

      1. Take the clip off the back of the tape.
      2. Lightly dampen the leather front of the tape holder
      3. Use a sheet of wax paper to cover the tape (wax side out) and insert into the slightly damp holder.
      4. Place a couple shims behind the tape.
      5. Let dry overnight

      The longer the tape is in the holder, the more opportunity the leather has to form to the tool.

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