OxyLights Framer Tool Belt Package with Double Outer Bag


Identical to the style and function of the Pro Leather 5080DB, but offering reduced weight with functional durability. Designed by and for the professional builder, this traditional belt set is fine-tuned for optimum efficiency and comfort.

Leather and industrial nylon intelligently combined to lighten the builder’s load. The trademark OxyRed leather reinforces the main bag corners as well as provides our NoSpill system of all leather tool holders. Our most popular designs in a lighter weight alternative.


  • Designed with Hand Specific Tool Holders
  • Padded Two Ply Tool Bags Keep Their Shape
  • Extremely Abrasion Resistant Industrial Nylon
  • Leather Tool Holders and Corner Reinforcing
  • Made in USA


  • Pockets & Tool Holders : 21
  • Belt Sizes : SM-XXXL
  • Weight : 3.8 lbs.

Also available for lefties in LH option here.

2 reviews for OxyLights Framer Tool Belt Package with Double Outer Bag

  1. Tristan

    They work, but I would have loved if the double side by side bag was in the left side, that way I could separate 16’s and 8’s nails easier. I can still separate them in this configuration, but the “Fat Lip” style has them on the left side like I prefer. Not gonna get rid of them, but just a thought to make that an option in the future or make a single bag option that way they can be purchased and swapped

    • Marc

      Hello Tristan,
      We have quite a few variations on our sets. The double side-by-side outer bag is available in this style as the 8086 – OxyLights™ Ultra Framer. If you want to stay with the green nylon, we offer the 8089 OxyLights™ 7 Bag Framer. The bags on the 8089 cascade while the 8086 has the divided bag.

  2. Tristan

    Replying to Marc:
    I wish you had the option to get the 8086 set in green, loving the vintage green. Hopefully in the future.

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