Adjust-to-Fit Industrial Pro Electrician Set


  • Belt Sizes : Adjustable
  • Weight : 5.2 lbs.

Top of the line all leather bag Adjust-to-Fit set for the commercial electrician provides a full range of adjustment from pant waist size 32″ to 40″. Efficient, hand specific tool and fastener organization, function engineered. The leather NoSpill tool holders form to your tools and give years of durable service. For the journeyman that requires the highest quality available.

Made in USA


  • Belt Sizes : Adjustable
  • Weight : 5.2 lbs.

3 reviews for Adjust-to-Fit Industrial Pro Electrician Set

  1. Andrew

    I have been using this for a year now and I can say it is very comfortable and durable. The only con I can give, is the small outside pocket would be much better if it was separated into 2 pockets, but overall a great belt

    • Marc

      Hello Andrew,
      Thank you for the feedback. More organization is better. Our Belt-Worn version (5590) does have the divided outer bag.

  2. Steven Dahlen

    I love this belt.

    I’ve been using it daily since April of 2016. It has held up extremely well. It holds everything in place perfectly. I really appreciate how slim the belt is even when full of tools. It’s less likely to get caught on things. The nylon has no sign of wear. I ruined other nylon belts in about 8 months.

    The only thing I didn’t like about this belt was the tape chain location. I had it moved at a leather shop to hang from the outer front screwdriver slot. They charged me $5. He even curved the new rivet so as not to effect the slot usability. When he brought it back out he told me he could tell this was a really good belt. Now the tape is much easier to grab.

    I added a shallow pouch into the large pocket on the left bag, and a tape measure holder to the belt. I don’t think I’ll ever need another belt. You may have created too good of a product to stay in business Occidental!

  3. John Wagner

    I really like this belt and how it adjusts and the way the right side pouch is designed for Klein screwdrivers and their other tools with same handles. BUT the left side pouch/bag just doesn’t fully work for me. I wish they made it with three pouches like the framers or the finishers bag. OR sell me the left side of the other bag of my choice.

    • Marc

      Hello John,
      The 9596 Adjust-to-Fit Pro Electrician set’s fastener bag is the same bag as the 3 pouch ProFastener Bag (B5060). The only difference is the 9596 has a nylon bag up high instead of the leather upper bag which is on the B5060.
      Occidental Leather

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