The Finisher Tool Belt Set


Four new products are featured in one super-lightweight compact package! Just a hair’s-breadth over 3 pounds unloaded. Compact bag design is ideal for trim, light framing and finish work. Innovative, round-bottom, full capacity, two-ply foam core main and outer bags hold their shape empty or loaded.

Left side fastener bag holsters a speed square and features patented* Oxy Dual Bag outer bags providing multiple fastener capacity in a compact space.

Right side tool bag features holders for most commonly used tools (hammer, pencils, utility knife, chisels, pry bar, driver bits, etc.).

Each bag comes stock with the very best in protection for tools, bags, and body; the 2003 – Oxy Tool Shield.  It accepts knives, chisels, pliers, etc … and clips onto any bag or even a pants pocket. And there’s more, the 5020 – 2-in-1 Tool & Hammer Holder, with twice the tool capacity in the belt space of one.

Finisher style bags are now available in our Adjustable Series as the 9540 Adjustable Finisher


  • Innovative Round Bottom Full Capacity Tool Bags
  • Comes Stock with the 2003 – Oxy Tool Shield.
  • Hand Specific Tool Holder Placement That Maximizes Working Rhythm
  • Function Engineered for Trim, Finish, and Light Framing Work
  • 12-oz. Belting Leather with Steel Roller Buckle Combined with Padded Nylon 3″ Work Belt for Comfort.
  • Made in USA


  • Pockets & Tool Holders : 25
  • Belt Sizes : SM-XXL
  • Weight : 3.1 lbs.

3 reviews for The Finisher Tool Belt Set

  1. Bradley Bryant

    A lot of people say “just buy them you won’t regret it,” or “wish I would have bought them sooner,” but it’s true… I really wish I bought them sooner. Clearly designed by people who have done the job. They are higher mounted so I don’t have to bend, twist, and generally search for things nearly as much, thusly less fatigue. I am a framer so I’m in the sh#! legit, and they are SOLID built, but not heavy. I got the “finisher” set, and I don’t regret it. That’s the only thing I’d preach is I think the organization/layout of that specific set allows you to not necc need the bulkier sets, but that’s just my opinion. I shaved a lot of weight but have MORE functional spaces. Great communication from staff.. I can’t wait to use these every day for years to come. Thank you Occ… You rule

    • Marc

      Thank you too Bradley. May this set serve you for years to come.
      Occidental Leather

    • Erin Fresquez

      Very glad to hear that you’ve found your match.
      Occidental Leather appreciates all your hard work as a framer, you are building the future for many others!
      Customer Service Representative
      Occidental Leather

  2. Chris (verified owner)

    Just recieved my FINISHER set and… WOW! I couldnt be happier with my purchase! I cant wait to toil my days away while wearing these bags. They will make life much easier for me in the near future. One thing i will say is that they are bigger than i expected, but that is not an issue for me. You wont find any better customer support than the people at Occidental, either! Thanks guys!!!

  3. Nate

    What chisel is shown in the images? love my Finisher bags!! need a short chisel.

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