Pro Trimmer Tool Belt with Tape Holster


Pro Trimmer offers compact durability for any job. This trimmer set has most of the innovative features of our full size tool bags in a space saving design. This is an outstanding tool belt system for trim work and light framing. No holder provided for angle square due to physical size limitations.


The Pro Leather Series is constructed of premium top grain cow hides tanned to our stringent specifications with a special blend of oils and waxes that meet the demands of heavy outdoor use.


  • Premium Top-Grain Leather
  • Hand-Specific Tool Holders Promote Maximum Working Rhythm on the Job
  • Copper Rivets Reinforce Main Bags
  • NoSpill Tool Holder System
  • Function Engineered for the Modern Builder
  • Made in USA


  • Pockets & Tool Holders : 18
  • Belt Sizes : SM-XXXL
  • Weight : 4.3 lbs.

1 review for Pro Trimmer Tool Belt with Tape Holster

  1. Thomas Peluso

    Outstanding tool belt package!!
    Occidental Leather’s products are unmatched in quality, durability and customer service and cannot be summarized in one or two words. You have to take the time to read this review because it will answer any questions you may have about their Pro Trimmer set. I’ve owned this set for 17 years of heavy use and have put it through the gauntlet of durability, harsh weather conditions and occasional overloading. I’ve only recently chosen to replace the Tool Bag Bag because of a freak accident where a full bundle of shingles slid off the edge of a shed roof and hit the bag just right on the way down. I repaired it with rivets and continued to use it for about two more years. I only replaced it so I didn’t have to worry about my repair failing. The replacement is identical to the first one which is VERY impressive for a handmade product. The design and size of this set truly is perfect for trim work and light framing which is primarily what I do and the compact design was chosen because I’m a smaller frame and just don’t have the real estate for the larger models they offer. The description states there is no angle square holder due to size limitations but this does not mean that one won’t fit. The main bag of the Fastener Bag has MORE than enough room for one along with fasteners, glue bottle, nail clips, pry bars, ect…. The small pouch at the top of the Fastener Bag is perfect for a chalk line, sand paper and other small items. If you’re concerned about where to put your tape if you decide to swap out the tape holder for one of their hammer holders, there is plenty of room in the main compartment of the Tool Bag without sacrificing any of the dedicated common tool holders within. The outer bag is plenty big for any other tools typically used with your right hand, as well as for phone, calculator and other non tool related items. All of the tool holders are tight and stiff for the first day or two but they break in pretty quick without any loss of form. Mine are still holding their form after nearly 20 years of hard use and the thousands of times I’ve accessed them. All of the bags have kept their form and stiffness and are as easy to access as they were from day one. I can’t speak higher of this product’s design and durability and Occidental Leather’s customer service is unmatched! I’ve called before with product questions and was greeted with a person that was well versed with their products treated me like I was one of their largest clients even though I’ve only purchased a few of their products over the last 17 years. If you are concerned or held up by the price of their products, do yourself a favor and save up for a couple of paydays if you have to; you WILL NOT be disappointed.

    Thomas P.
    Coastal North Carolina

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